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Corporate Gift Pens Supplier Mozambique

We are premier suppliers of corporate gift pens and promotional pens in Mozambique and Africa. We supply high-end pens from well known brands that are used as executive gifts as well as great promotional plastic pens branded with your company logo as marketing items.

Famous Pen Brands

Brand Innovation is a proud supplier of a range of great pen brands that are kown worldwide. These pen brands include prestitgious names such as Montblanc and Waterman pens. A luxury pen engraved with a name or logo makes a stunning corporate gift for executives. Below are some of our pen brands:

 Montblanc Pens MozambiqueWaterman Pens MozambiqueParker Pens MozambiqueCross Pens Mozambique

Sheaffer Pens MozambiqueBalmain Pens Mozambique

If you are looking for fantastic office gifts, a branded pen is always a winner. A pen is something that we use on a daily basis, and having your logo on the pen with keep you top of mind with your clients.

For gift pens, we can engrave a person's name on the pens, to make a personalized gift that they will never forget. Having a pen with your name on really makes you feel special when you use it.

To order your corporate gift pens, please email us at